freeware Windows application

This software is to hide annoying windows. Recently I got bugged by Skype Home always coming up on startup, so I wrote this utility. Just save it on your desktop and run, or put it in the Startup menu to start with Windows. Pre-configured to hide Skype Home window. (click on image above to download)

bike suspension simulation

Linkage is a unique in its kind piece of software. Recent smart dual-suspension bikes have a major amount of engineering built in them that now easily gets revealed with this program. Whether you are enthusiastic learning about bikes, comparing the ones you might buy, or designing your own one, this software can be the first step to begin with. The online library of bikes contains plenty of real-life models too.
Available on www.bikechecker.com

Racooz Sleep
freeware Windows application

With this handy software you can easily set up a scheduled shutdown or hibernation of your computer. Useful for late-night downloaders or for people who like to fall asleep listening to music from their computer. Maybe you know other reasons too...(click on image above to download)

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